Frequently asked questions

We ran into several questions from your side. That's why we combine the most frequently asked questions on this page.

What is a shop window?
A shop window is a view on which products and links can be presented, which you can then embed in your social media profiles. It is a so called Bio Link Tool.
The prices are gross or net?
The prices given here are net prices, as our target group is B2B. They are plus 19% VAT. The prices are calculated on a monthly basis, because Linkrex is paid on an annual basis.
Why are there only monthly prices here?
It doesn't matter if you choose annual or monthly payment - on this page we show you what you pay per month.
Why GDPR compliant?
Firstly, we are hosted and developed in Germany (Nuremberg). We are a GDPR conform One Link Only solution. Secondly, no marketing or advertising cookies are set and we offer the use of an imprint via link or - if you don't have a website - via input field. Very easy
What does WordPress blog integration mean?
You can have your latest blog posts, news or YouTube videos integrated and displayed in your bio completely automatically.
What does automate mean?
Don\t worry about whether there's a product or link to a point in time in your link tree - or not anymore. You can have it all done automatically

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