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free /mo plus VAT

Hop on our app and get to know us!

  • 1 showcase

  • 5 links

  • Few basic apps

  • cms.pricing.plans.s.adv.3

  • No Linkshortener

  • No expert modules like WordPress etc.

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5 EUR /mo plus VAT

You're just starting out as an influencer? We welcome you!

  • 1 showcase

  • Unlimited links

  • Basic apps like products, blog, links,...

  • Image Uploads

  • WordPress Blog Posts

  • Link Shortener


13 EUR /mo plus VAT

More traffic means more sales and that means better control over content!

  • 3 showcase

  • Unlimited links

  • Advanced apps like WordPress, Spotify, ...

  • Video embeds

  • Statistics Browser

  • Link Tracking

  • Custom CSS

  • Link Shortener

  • RSS Feeds and Automations


For non-profit organizations we have a special offer and they pay 20% less.

frequently asked questions

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What is a shop window?
A shop window is a view on which products and links can be presented, which you can then embed in your social media profiles
The prices are gross or net?
The prices given here are net prices, as our target group is B2B. They are plus 19% VAT. The prices are calculated on a monthly basis, because Linkrex is paid on an annual basis.
Why are there only monthly prices here?
It doesn't matter if you choose annual or monthly payment - on this page we show you what you pay per month.
What is a link-shortener?
If you have long links to a target, then you often want to shorten them for marketing campaigns, etc. Also, the clicks are counted!
What is the main difference between Hobby and Growth?
For one thing, the number of storefronts. And we believe that we need to support not only businesses but also hobby projects! Only then there is no need for comprehensive statistics. They only exist in Growth.
What's the deal with the WordPress Blog Post Module?
You use WordPress as a blog? Great! Then you can automatically display all the latest blog posts on your bio page.
What are basic apps?
Everything you need to get the most out of your Bio Page. Such as product tiles, links or even buttons.
Do I need a credit card to test?
No! By the way, the test ends automatically. So if you are not satisfied, you don't have to do anything at all.

enterprises and agencies

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