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On the relevant social networks, only one link can be set to an external website at a time, which often limits the reach and marketing possibilities of entrepreneurs. Influencers also often rely on affiliate partnerships and need the opportunity to place affiliate links on the Insta Bio without programming knowledge or an elaborate homepage.

Influencers are often not able to use the Insta Bio without programming knowledge or an elaborate homepage.

Influencers are often not able to use the Insta Bio without programming knowledge or an elaborate homepage to place affiliate links on the Insta Bio.

As a solution to this "one-link-only" problem, there is sometimes no getting around "Linktree". However, every provider in Europe, especially in Germany, has a problem: Linktree is eventually not fully GDPR-compliant. Additionally the servers are not located in Germany and the support is not German-speaking.

Why LinkRex is convincing both in its range of functions, as well as legally and in terms of design,we will show you in this blog post.

Why should you create a link list?

If you are a start-up, a company or a self-employed person on Instagram, you should of course present and market your content there in the best possible way. New articles, direct links to your courses or coaching or current offers. Everything should be accessible as quickly as possible with just one click.

Using a single, direct link your content will receive significantly more attention. This is because a large proportion of your visitors do not want to spend time searching for the right content on your website and will quickly leave again. So your goal is to make your most important content easily accessible with a link directly from Instagram.

One organic link - many possibilities

And that brings us to the so-called "link in bio". Instagram offers you practically no other way to link products in your profile without a lot of effort. The link in bio is the only one and is located at the top of your social media profile. And you certainly can't miss it, because you only have this one link available. And to make more out of this link: that's what Linkrex is for.

Here you can place all your links. You don't even need your own website. Linkrex offers you the page in an attractive, prefabricated, modern layout and provides the appropriate link (which you add to your bio) directly. Especially the tense (data protection) legal situation makes Linkrex valuable for Instagram users in Germany at first and second glance.

Instagram - both a curse and a blessing

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks for promoting products, services or companies. Unfortunately, however, the issue of legal security (DSGVO) is often ignored. Anyone who is on the move with their business on social media channels must, however, provide a legally valid imprint and a suitable data protection declaration. Otherwise, you may be threatened with severe warnings. This also applies to a profile on Instagram. So what should you do?

Imprint obligation on Instagram

No one wants to place their address in the Instagram bio text. It would work, of course, but it wastes effective space for introductory texts. If you simply put your imprint link in the bio, you have another problem: You lose the possibility to redirect users from your profile to your offer.

So what to do? Combine the imprint link (or in text form, if you prefer) and your links and products on a nice and modern Linkrex page. This way, in addition to the link (or footer text) to your own imprint and even the appropriate data protection page, all social media channels and various places on the web as well as your products and other content can be linked together.

Privacy statement in Instagram

Instagram's business model is built on the collection of data. Facebook, or rather Meta, the owner of Instagram, makes no secret of this – this can be clearly read from the truly creepy privacy policy. The app may be free, but every user pays the service back double and triple with their sometimes very sensitive data. Go through Instagram's privacy policy and you will see that the data collected is not only used for other Insta users, advertising partners, business partners or even authorities. Instagram is free, but every user pays the service back double and triple with their sometimes very sensitive data.

Much more important for you is, however, the following page (also your own link tree or other non-privacy compliant link tree solutions). So if you already use your organic link, the page you call up must contain an imprint and privacy policy. Even more so if you use your own tracking, etc. Linkrex already offers you both fields out-of-the-box, so it's child's play to place these links there.


Privacy - fully on your side

There are many link in bio alternatives. However, most of them have one big problem: you have to take responsibility for using them 100% compliant with the GDPR. Linktree, for example, comes from New York. With this you send the user to a page that is eventually hosted on an American server. And on top of that, Linktree can track your users. Not good news for data protection.

Show products automatically

It gets even better if you only show products when you need them. Example. Let's say you are running a pre-Christmas promotion that is supposed to end on 01 December. However, your Advent calendar starts on exactly this date - for 24 days... What to do?

Set times

For each element in your Linkrex shop window, you can specify a time period during which this element should be visible. This means for the example above? Your pre-Christmas promotions will only be visible until 30.11. at 23:59:59, whereas on 01.12. at 00:00, your first Advent stunt will see the light of day on your Linkrex page.

Show YouTube videos automatically

If your advent calendar takes place on YouTube, simply embed your channel on your storefront via Linkrex and all YouTube videos will be retrieved in a constantly updated manner

Show WordPress Posts Automated

If, on the other hand, you want to link to the latest WordPress posts in your bio, this is also no problem. Just connect to your blog and let it show new updates on a regular basis

No more maintenance needed

If you don't have a website, this block is not relevant for you anyway - or maybe it is exactly the reason why you don't have your own website yet: The dear technology. It is not uncommon for the site to crash for no reason. This means that the design no longer looks as it was intended. Or that your website behaves in a way you don't understand.

Suppose you already build your link tree in WordPress and - logically - do not meticulously check whether everything is still where it should be. And every time you update WordPress, you run the risk that something is not displayed as you would like it to be. Why is this so? On many websites, the cache is simply configured incorrectly. However, you need caching systems to make the page react as fast as lightning.

With Linkrex you have a tool at hand that you don't have to configure anymore - it runs easily.

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